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can i download the suspension calculation software called optimum k? Answered

please tell me some softwares which can help in doing calculations regarding suspension in cars.i heard optimum k is good. but i cant find it to download it from net.plz help me....



. "... we are developing OptimumK, a kinematics software to help design and race engineers to develop and setup their vehicles." - OptimumG web site. . Or is there more than one OK and I picked the wrong one?

its just funny that a company optimumg would make software optimumk :D I wasn't picking at your awesome searching.

. No problem. I had similar thoughts when I found it. . The thought did cross my mind that you were just kidding around, but I figured I'd up my post count. . And it wouldn't be the first time I found the wrong thing. If one is casting a broad net for adolescent females that have won sporting trophies, "girl +cup" is NOT a good search string. ROFL