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can i drive the el wires from the mains of our house? Answered




I connected a 1 meter length of EL wire to 120VAC 60Hz and it glowed at about 1/2-1/3 brightness, so connecting it directly may work in Europe (with 240VAC mains). I have no idea if powering it at the lower frequency would have any effect on the longevity of the wire.

 Not really a good idea.  Most EL wire is a 12 volt system that hops up the voltage via a transformer.   The transformers are inexpensive.  Go to trinortlighting for a US based company. 
  Also there are different transformers for various lengths of EL wire.  For example, I did a job where I needed to control 200' segments so I ordered a controller for 300' lengths.  The controllers range and they also have fun sequencers for controlling multiple EL lines at once, so you can sequence a pattern!
            Good luck, and if you do get the transformers, keep your body away from the bare wires because it will give you quite the shock!!!!!!!!

Driving it directly, no, you won't have enough voltage and it would be very dangerous anyway.

That nd the frequency of the AC supply from your house wouldn't be high enough. A low brightness, long life EL wire needs 400Hz. A high brightness, lower life EL wire needs 3000Hz. Your house supply will be 50-60Hz. :(

Yes. If you bought a kit with a battery pack and inverter you should be able to replace the batteries with a transformer with the same voltage if it can supply enough current.