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can i fly a one man helicopter with an electric motor and how much hp will i need? Answered


I am already testing electric single lifting mini helicopter,traial process and measure ment is better than the last month.Range 50 km
Top Speed: 40 km/h
Weight: 50 kg, max load 75kg
Motor: Rear wheel hub motor
Wattage: 500W
Batteries: Sealed Lead Acid, 48V 24AH
Calculation ok but engine is Best option.


And what is your new point ?


3 days ago

And your point being ?


6 years ago

Small helicopters need 1HP to lift every 10 Lbs at sea level on Earth.
You have to add the Structure wight 485 Lbs
Your own body weight 110 Lbs
The motor weight ___ Lbs.  You will need to develop 48 to 60 HP
And the battery weight ___ Lbs.   Hope you click best answer.
You might be interested to learn, a pound of battery might get you 100 watts,
and a pound of gasoline will get you 1300 watts ......................   A



Then what is the technical s for this copter. also can u share the average speed, highest at a stretch flying time, total weight, type of engine, safety etc.

Sorry guy, I was making the case that you CAN NOT hang out under an electric prop. Did you even try to Google a 50HP electric motor weight like the kind of advanced design the Tesla electric car is using and work the formulas ?


3 years ago

hi lemonie,

this 2-stroke gasoline engine for two main rotor of opposite directions ?? or one 2-stroke for main and one two stroke for tail rotor ?? can u recommend any good video or technical article to make a one man helicopter ??

2-stroke gasoline engines give you far more power-for-weight, you'll not get very far at all trying to use electric motors. Also, you'll struggle to control these things should you get one off the ground.


your local microlite/air craft club will be able to tell you much much more and safer, too!

Not legally, not safely, probably not at all given the weight of batteries but that's a guess.