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can i get a micro inovations wireless laser mouse to work with a logitech receiver? Answered

I have a micro innovations wireless laser mouse and keyboard but don't have the receiver for it. I do have a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse receiver that i am using for my wireless keyboard. What i am wondering is if there is any way to get the mouse to work on the receiver as well?or can i convert the receiver to work with the micro mouse and keyboard? Is it possible to cord the mouse? i am not toally electronically inclined but i am no noob either.....Just curious if any one knows of anything like this or if i need to try and find a receiver from micro innovations?


If it's a bluetooth device, you should be able to sync it with the bluetooth dongle from logitech, as long as you've installed the bluetooth version of the logitech setpoint software. If it's not, well then you're humped.

I'd be really surprised; there's no particularly good reason for them to be using the same frequency and/or protocol.

Getting it to work wirelessly with another brand of receiver will be pretty much impossible.  They work on diff. freq. and coding.

Even switching different models with the same mfg. is unlikely to work.