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can i get the budweiser bottles in some kind of plastic. I mean like a Dummy of the original? Answered

I have a presntation for a business proposal, so i need 4 normal size model each of Carlsberg and budweiser beer bottles made of some sort of plastic for this. I also need 4 each made in plastic cans for the same product of Carlsbergs and Budweisers beer. I just want the bottles and cans to look like a real unopened beer.. where can i get this? can anyone help please? its urgent!


You could try casting it in plastic. The only problem with that would be making the mold. Maybe press the bottles into clay? I'm not quite sure with that.

Also, I've seen on mythbusters where they would "laminate" 3d objects, but I'm not quite sure what thats called. You could also try that. I'll have to search for a link.

It's called vacuum forming, and there is a ton of information available on this site and elsewhere about how to DIY it.


7 years ago

At the ball games, here in Arizona, they serve beer in the same bottle, in plastic, but with a "2 liter" twist top.