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can i hook up my gps charger to where my battery is supose to be Answered

i have a junk gps that dont charge anymore so i have been playing around with it trying to hardwire the charger into it is there a way i can hook the charger straight to my battery? the battery is 5v and i wana put it in my car wich is 12v obviously.... im new to this so is there someone who can explain what to do and why? if i need more info just tell me and ill find it out


i hard wired a cell ph charger into my dash of my car , I used a cheap cigarette plug charger, can be mounted / hidden anywhere, use some tape & hot glue to water proof and have fun !

car charger 12v in 5v out


Did your GPS unit have some sort of power cable or USB cable to run off of the cigarette lighter for external power? If you only have a wallwart plug in charger, you may want to get an inverter that plugs into the cigarette lighter and gives you the standard wall outlet to plug into.

It is actually going on a dirtbike if i can get it to work so I don't have alot of room and I just want to hardwire it in the GPS cause I have a new one and I'm just trying to mess around to see if i can do it

still strap on an inverter, maybe http://www.harborfreight.com/automotive-motorcycle/power-inverters/200-watt-continuous-power-inverter-66967.html