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can i increase wattage by the following way? Answered

I think i can increase wattage by placing three coils in the following way

/ / /
L m n
among them 'L' as primary and m,n as secondary so that when electricity is passed through L magnetic lines of force from that coil induces current to 'm'.as electricity passes through 'm' it again sends magnetic lines of force inducing current in 'n'.so that connecting 'm' , 'n' in parallel or series will give me increased wattage


Sir ,can i know why the second secondary coil 'n' can't get electricity in it

Another way to look at it is flux goes to infinity but by the inverse square Law.
Just in case you think of signalling Mars. When Measured flux at at a centimeter
is remeasured at 2 cm the flux will be 1/4 of the density at 1 cm...

Now whatever flux does not link to the first secondary coil goes on to the
next secondary coil following all the laws.

but I am not dividing the magnetic flux flux of 'l' between 'm','n' instead I am using flux of 'l' to 'm' which induces current in 'm' which in turn produces magnetic flux .This magnetic flux induces electricity in 'n' .so, there is no dividing of flux

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It will get electricity in it, but 100 W = 100 W out, however you slice it.


Thanq all.


6 years ago

You can add  Secondary coils to increase Voltage in-series or increase
Current in-parallel.
But there is NO way the combined  watts ( Power ) of any single or multiple
secondaries can ever exceed the power coming into the Primary (L)..

There is a dangerous tenancy towards magic in your thinking lohithg :-)
Reason suggests that the millions of intellects since Nikola Tesla, one
would certainly have tried these ideas and published about it.

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Watts is a measure of power -- Volts x Amps Increase either V or A and get more watts.

Although a transformer may increase voltage it does that at the expense of decreasing current.

No, electromagnetism doesn't work like that.
Transformers work a bit like that.