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can i make a CNC machine out of a Lexmark X1185 printer? Answered



You will need three (3) printers. using the transport assembly - One for each axis. Use printers however that have smooth rods in them. the Z-axis will have to be made from a printer (Scanner or copier) that has a very strong motor and a bigger belt than most printers. PS many older scanner use a rack and pinion setup and this can be very handy.


7 years ago

I think I am going to try it, I will just run a piece of wood through and replace the ink jet with a router, Then I can print word documents on wood, you may be able to use the electrical source for your black ink, if you have an inkjet, to power a solenoid for you Z axis, you can do it with some work so have fun.


9 years ago

Yes ,but you will need several of them to get it right ,you will need three seperate avis x,y,z, also three seperate motor drivers, and a translator interface circuit. Check out some of the CNC stuff online for the software and futher instructions.

you'll need to make your own program...