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can i make a game cartdrige with every single gamemade for that system?(nes)? Answered

ok i was wornding if its possable if i could put all of the games on one cartdrige(nes)


That'd be pretty tough. There are a couple of unauthorized manufacturers out there who still make cartridges containing 150 or more games, but I don't believe either of them has built a cartridge capable of holding ALL NES games... I checked with a couple friends who are deep into the NES scene, and they say they've heard of a homebuilt NES cart that reads floppies. They also say that they suspect someone makes an NES cartridge that is either capable of reading SD cards or has it's own built-in flash memory. In either case, I'm afraid I can't seem to find any info on either. I think, unless you can track down that last cart I mentioned (and in a model with enough memory), your only chance is to engineer a new cartridge that does. Good luck.

Yes and no,
retrozone offers a cartridge with a CF slot which allows for enough space to put all NES games on ever made.. there are however some incompatible games.
See the PowerPak.
The main problem is that NES cartridges contain one of 50(more?) different mapper chips which communicate with the data rom, graphics rom and NES all differently. Emulating or replicating this is therefore somewhat difficult..(which explains the pricetag of the PowerPak)

Yes PowerPak, not PowerPack.

you don't need too much room, i bet you could fit every NES rom uncompressed on a 512 mega byte flash. Compressed in RAR format, every NES game ever made is about 120 megabytes.

im starting to comprees some files and so far it going good and the best answer for thins it says that i could use a card or memory im gonna try a hard drive if not the a card

well, if you are going to go for compressed, every american nes game comes out to be 115-120 megabytes (I know, I'm looking at them).


8 years ago

hmmm, you can put ROMs on a cartridge, but all games im not too sure