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can i make a portable computer/ --?? Answered

hello, i need help with a project of mine. i want to make a small, open source device with an LCD screen. i was thinking maybe something arduino, but anything fairly cheap is fine.
i have; two NINTENDO DS screens, a bottom one and top one. and Altoids tins.
thanks in advance.
edit- does anyone know if it is possible to run an operating system on an arduino, or just a microcontroller/microprocessor? if so, that's the way i'll go.


Anythings possible but i recommend a propeller platform micro controller
instead of a ardiuno because a propeller can generate video without a second board and if you acomplish your goal please post a detailed instuctible because i have the same parts and have no idea where to start

Sure with altoids tins you have the basis for any diy project.

Is it possible? Sure; cell phones are basically that. Can _you_ make one? Depends on what the specs are and how much knowledge you currently have and how much time and money you want to spend on the project. In other words: You probably can, but the time needed may be from weeks to decades depending on where you're starting from and how much you're willing to invest.