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can i make an electric motorcycle with the motor from an old table saw? Answered

it is 1.5 hp rpm 3450 volts 115/230 amps 15/7.5 will this motor be fast enough to adequately drive a suzuki gs550e frame?


It wouldn't have enough power. It might be fine for a scooter, though. Single phase AC motors in general aren't used much for electric vehicles because of the poor power to weight ratio and difficulties with speed control.

Short answer NO - If you could we would all be driving around in electric cars. Reasons too complex to go into.

That motor seems a bit under powered for that application...

Where are you going to get the 115 volts? Inverter, or very long extension cord?

not directly, no. By 115/230 the specification means 115/230 VAC. Batteries are, of course, DC. 1.5HP seems a bit low, but then, I'm not sure what adequately drive means to you, nor how much weight you'll be stripping off the frame aside from the motor. A decent bicycle electric runs about 500W...Assuming a 200lbs male, another 100 lbs for the bike (with motor & batteries), so about 300lbs @ 500W for a top speed of somewhere in the neighborhood of 30mph yours... ~1100W. 200 lbs male, ?? weight of cycle, motor, and batteries... Maybe...idk. this is all very back-0-napkin