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can i make an touch screen mp3 player Answered

it uses this kit; http://www.liquidware.com/shop/show/SK/Starter+Kit and this SD Card Shield for Arduino and it has to be under $300 jnluding software


Yes there are a couple of ways but no matter which one you choose it is going to cost about the same as a 32 gigabyte iPod touch and will range from3 to10 times thicker one of the options is a gumstik board and a small of touchscreen running ubuntu which would be capable if playing mp3's but that costs $300 and does not have 32 gigabytes if space like a $300 itouch does and if you want to use wifi on it you have to buy this extra chip which will set you back a whole lot more for the price go for the iPod touch for the dug experience build you're own

j want cusrom firmware and software so if i need to fix it on the go i can dp that

That is WAY too expensive, just get an ipod touch