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can i make flash drive out of old pcb? Answered

is it possible to make a flash drive out of stuff found on an old pc motherboard? if so, how?


As a generality - If you have to ask the question then No it will be beyond your skill level.

. We seem to get quite a few of those around here. :(

Not in any practical way, no. A flash drive requires flash memory. The BIOS memory on your PC motherboard might be adaptable... but even if you can get those chips free you'd need to throw enough other circuitry around them to interface them that it'd be a hassle, and the result would be tiny compared to off-the-shelf thumb drives.

Given that a 4gig thumb drive is available for $15 -- less, if you get a no-name -- building your own really isn't worth the effort. The cost of parts, and the value of your time, would be higher than that.

possible yes.

so: strip all the copper off the old circuit board.
Laminate a new intact layer of copper to the board
etch the board with a pattern of a new USB drive
Attain the parts needed
solder on bits