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can i make my computer work as an amplifier,i.e. sound coming out simultaneously from speakers when i speak into my mic? Answered


can we do this with single sound card, actually a laptop..........

Yes, I just did it using Audacity. In 'Preferences' make sure that 'Software Playthrough' is checked. When you start to record in Audacity your computer will play back the audio that it's recording. There is a slight delay between what is recorded and what plays, so it's not immediate.

Audacity screenshot.jpg

just double click the volume button int he task bar then unclick mute on mic. if its not there make sure you are looking at the playback options and click mic in the list. then just uncheck mute. anything the mic pics up will be played from this option to the speakers. i use this all the time in my dj setup.

Im sure there is some program that can do that...

Audacity i'm pretty sure can do that, seems to do everything else.

I do something similar. Sound from my PS3 comes in on my Line In port, and out the speakers. A mic could possibly work, but there's a problem. Feedback and echo might make this impossible, depending on your sound hardware. But try the line in port, it might work. Building or buying a small microphone amplifier and running it either into the Line In port, or directly into the speakers with a Y adapter (so your computer can use the speakers as well) might be a better way.