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can i power led strip lights from my rechargeable electric razor ? Answered

I would like to attached a short led strip light on my razor to improve visibility when shaving, can i draw power from the batteries inside the razor--can i draw power directly from the power prongs where ac plugs in?



There is a good chance you won't be able to draw from the AC input. There are quite a few reasons why, but the most relevant is that your batteries will have a charging circuit, which is not built for backwards draw. You should be able to draw directly from the batteries, as long as they either are the correct voltage, or you have some sort of voltage reducing circuit. I hope this helps, and if not, let me know, and I'll try to change my comment.

well depends on how many volts the razor has if it has 3 volt yes it light up brightly but any lower it will be quite dim lighting

Yes, No, Maybe. Safely probably not. Most LEDs will need a power supply of some kind. This may not fit in your razor.


7 months ago

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