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can i power my minty boost with these D cell batteries ? Answered

will i get more charging hours by using them?what is the maximum number of D cell batteries i can use in series to power a minty boost circuit?or how much input voltage can i give to a minty boost circuit?


You can only series connect TWO cells, before you upset the Minty-boost circuit. You CAN parallel connect identical new batteries though.

The batteries you have are quite small capacity. They may well be AA cells in a D cell case. Typical modern AA will hold 2800 mAHr -twice what your "D" cell will, in half the case.

then what is the use of those bulky d cell alkaline batteries??

That's a very good question.
Leclanche dry cells, which these cells are supposed to emulate have a much lower capacity than modern rechargeable technologies, and I think its an obsolescence thing. If you are designing for recharging, you probably wouldn't use D cells anymore.