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can headphone wiring power up an LED? Answered

i wanna make it look cool that when i plug it to a jack,and it makes a light...thanks!


The first problem that I see is the fact that an audio signal is alternating current (AC), and LEDs run off of direct current (DC). Also, most devices such as CD players and MP3 players have an output usually below one volt and sometimes three depending on the device. If you were to get an extremely powerful headphone output on a portable device that had three volts or so, you could put a rectifier in the headphones and attach the LED to that. Personally, I would figure out some circuit that involved an LED on the device instead of the headphones.

It won't work from the voltage out of any audio device ... its just not enough... Were do you want the LED fitting? if your headphones are quite large then you could fit an LED and a small battery into them ... if you were willing to change the plug on the end for a 4 pole one instead of a 3 pole then you could use the extra pole to switch the LED on when they are plugged in...


9 years ago

It might, however the light may be the wrong voltage, watt...................