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can i reuse a ISA sound card as a portable amplifier? Answered

i was wondering because i have one just laying around, i tried connecting to to 5v, but no luck, the chip just got really hot.
when i plugged in the line in or mic and some heaphones (to the respective jacks) it dodnt work, im guessing it needs a computer to tell it how to work, but there has to be some sort of workaround for that, isnt there? i managed to find a pinout of the chip rather easily. its a ESS Audiodrive, and there is a smaller JRC chip, but i cant find the pinout.
its markings are:


It's going to be a heck of a lot harder to make this work as an amplifier than to just use an amplifier circuit. The card may need to be initialized/configured digitally, and it isn't going to put out a lot of power (headphones but not much more than that). Probably Not Worth The Effort, I'm afraid.

Probably a more useful thing to do would be to plug that old soundcard into an old PC and find something to do with that system. Digital audio jukebox system, maybe. (I have a machine which spends most of its time attached to the stereo system doing exactly that.)

aah ive pretty much already done that, my desktop is hooked up to my old stereo for a little extra "oomph" while im playing music.

i was hoping it would work out because my laptop has decent speakers, but theyre not always loud enough when i need them to be.

A better, if not perfect, portable amp would be a class D amp like one based on the TA2024 chip. Under $13 including shipping, from eBay.

Another source for an analog chip power amp could be a scrapped TV. Keep an eye out when passing vacant lots, gravel pits, or whereever people like to smash up or dump old TVs. Make a note of the TV model if possible, and you may even find a schematic and board layout. But, if you find a data sheet for the amp chip it should be obvious how to hook it up.

You'd have far better results with a popular card like an old Creative Labs SB-16 or related model, since the schematics and pinout (and many hacks) are easily available from net searches.

i have a creative sound blaster card, but google shows me nothing about pinouts hacks, or schematics.

hmm. have you tried googling

sound blaster pinouts
sound blaster hacks
sound blaster schematics

I just got a bevy of hits on all three.