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can i soldier on with my soldering? Answered

i was give a gift of a soldering iron, it came with a crappy little stand, so im making one i saw here, and a little coil of soldering wire..but while checking out various "how tos" i keep seeing flux...it didnt come with flux...for flux sake....do i NEED to use flux? is ther a substitute?



9 years ago

One thing nobody here has mentioned is that flux de-oxidizes the metal you are going to solder. Basically, it cleans oxygen residue and corrosion. You don't need it, but it helps a lot. You can get a good sized roll from The Source, or you may have Radio Shack, for 10 dollars. You can also get some at B+E Electronics, an industrial supplier for around 15 dollars. Hope I helped!

By the way, you can buy flux pens for around 15-20 dollars, we used it when i was auditing a course at kelsey, and the solder i was talking about is Flux core solder, which has it in it. With the flux pen you just apply it to the joint/ wires ahead of time. If you get a flux pen, get a water soluble, PH neutral one, which is made for soldering electronics, not welding. The one i have is model #2331-zx, the brand name is Kester, it has a shelf life of 2 years. Ity works great for any soldering job. Hope this helped!

flux protects the solder from air when its melted or else it would oxidize and become brittle. If you have electrical solder it should have a flux core, if you got plumbing solder then you have to apply the solder as a paste.

Flux makes the solder "wet" therefor making it flow well on some types of metals and giving it a better joint. Most solder wire now comes with a flux core, so you don't need to buy flux.

Flux is material that helps the solder melt and spread through the joint.

You can get solder with flux "built in", or as a paste you use along with the solder.

Solder with flux in it is far easier to use for a novice.

no you dont need it, it just helps the solder to flow better onto the joint!!! most solders come with a flux core, check if yours says its flux cored, if not you can buy it but there is no subsuite!!! hope this helped!!! cm