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can i switch a boost mobile sim card into an unlocked blackberry tour 9630 phone or will there be complications? Answered

I have an unlimited boost mobile phone, I like the flat rate fee and service but would enjoy a better phone like a blackberry. I have heard several different answers about whether i can exchange the sim card and use the blackberry with my boost mobile account. If anyone could answer with explanation of complications or limitations.


Your service provider should be able to give you the best answer, call them. L

you service provider won't want you doing that even if they know it works or not they'll tell you no..

The Tour is a world edition phone, isn't it? If that's the case, the SIM card it uses it based off of the GSM network to make/receive calls, where Boost uses the IDEN network to make/receive calls. So, no, unfortunately not. It's not that the SIM won't fit; it's just a compatibility problem.