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can i unsieze a pocket bike engine? Answered

it has been siting outside for a while, so water might have gotten into the cylinder [no muffler]



7 years ago

You can certainly give it a try, maybe ask your Dad or a knowledgeable person to give you a hand.
Remove the head, the crankcase cover and then the crankshaft. Spray WD-40 or Liquid Wrench on the piston and cylinder from the top and the bottom sides. Let the lubricant soak in for a while, and then, gently tap the top of the piston with a wood or rubber hammer handle, trying to drive it out the underside of the cylinder.
Once piston is out carefully remove the ring or rings and put them in a cleaning fluid. Use a popsicle stick and scrape out any gunk in the ring groove(s) and clean the grooves.
Wipe the inside of the cylinder walls with a clean rag sprayed with the lubricant. If the walls are rusty or glazed, you can gently sandpaper with 600 grit wet or dry sandpaper. Try only to remove the rust or glaze without scratching the metal anymore than absolutely necessary, although, it shouldn't cause much problem if you do on a low compression engine.
Clean and then lightly lube everything with motor oil and re-assemble.

dont spray wd-40 in there it would get out the grease that might still be in there unless of course if thats what you were planning to do

.  If the engine was in decent shape when it was shut down, there would only be a very thin film of oil on the cylinder, rings, and piston. This film would drain away fairly quickly (a few hours to a few days).

That's what I would do. But I know an un-siezed (in this way) engine who shattered it's piston... more than gentle tapping I think.


Maybe - A full strip down is the only way to find out - After all you have nothing to loose.

Dunno. See if it'll come to bits.