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can i use 500 watt juicer and mixer motor for electric bicycle? Answered

on motor specification it is written 500 watt , 50 hz ac motor , but when i plug it in 12 volt dc battery it runs slowly it can stop it with hand but i hope in higher dc volt it will run enough to use in my electric bicyle. it is philips juicer and mixer and grinder purchased from india



connect both field winding and armature winding in parallel. you can get 3000 rpm

Since the motor is rated at 230V, I suggest to use a UPS/inverter to convert battery voltage of 12V to 230V. As anyways battery charger is required for your Electric vehicle.

Nope the motor will not suppor the load even if it's plugged into the AC outlet.

No - It is intended to run on mains power - i.e.120 or 240 volts. It runs on a battery because it is a universal motor and will operate on DC and AC - Less voltage will mean much less than 500 watts.

This is why higher voltage motors can be a higher wattage whilst being quite small in physical size. a DC 12 volt 500 watt motor would be rather large Approaching the size of a waste paper bin.