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can i use a 470mh inductor instead of a 500mh inductor for a wah pedal? Answered

I am building my own circuit, and i realized that i could buy a similar part for 10 dollars less.  Is this a possible substitute. thanks in advance.



Best Answer 8 years ago

The stock inductors in Vox / Thomas / Dunlop wahs varied by at least that much (30mH.) That's only a 6% difference, which isn't significant.

Will the replacement work? YES.

Will it work as well as an inductor designed for wahs? Probably not. There are other concerns besides inductance alone. Inductors have different core materials, they saturate differently, etc.

Search for "wah inductor" and you'll find a lot of information about different inductors (Fasel, stack-o-dimes, etc.) Even info on hand-wound inductors.

no because you will fry up the wires. just get the expensive part, so you can save 50 bucks for destroying pedal

Are you just a moron, or do you have to try hard to achieve that level of stupidity?  Go and drool somewhere else.

well jeez i dont know anything about circutry!!!

Using a slightly different part value may actually make it better.  Effects pedals are just experiments anyway since they have no idea which guitar and amp they're going to work with anyway.