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can i use a lcd screen with another monitor driver? Answered

what im asking is, i have a car dvd player, but the driver circuit in it is bad, so can i get a computer monitor of the same screen size (and resolution) will this screen work with it?

i want to know because when i get a car i plan to install this (roof mounted) screen so i can add a computer inside my car.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Honestly, I really doubt it. Screen drivers aren't exactly plug'n'play.

oh. well thats too bad, i guess i'll have to make a new shell for the 15" display then..

If the driver circuit is bad you either need another one that is exactly the same but fully-functional, or you need to forget it.
You won't be able to drive it with bits from a computer monitor.


which is too bad, becuase this a usa dvd player, they dont sell them in canada, it sounds like im going to have to find a 14" lcd monitor to replace the original then..

either that or i will have to make a shell for the 15" monitor i have.

Or do you know where the fault is - could it be repaired?


not as far as i know, the player will take power, and i have found several points on the board showing power, but it refuses to turn one, since its a quite unrecognized company (Metrik) no one has heard of this or has figured out how to fix it.

Hmm, i wouldn't know either.<br><br>