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can i use a wireless router like a regular router without broadcasting the signal out? Answered

i want to use the linksys 2.4 GHz wireless G router with a 4 port switch. I want to connect three computers to it and not wireless. If not , is there a way to limit the range of the wireless signal to the confines of my home?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Sure. Log into your router. (Usually just go to ) Then go to the "Wireless" tab.

There you'll see an item called "Wireless Network Mode". Click on that and select "Disabled".

Click "Save" on the bottom of the screen and you're done!

If you need a manual for your router you can go to the manufacturere's webpage - every router I've ever had has had a manual online.

Thanks everyone for all the help and great resources that you have shared, should have it all up and running ( and secure ) in a few days. To every one that replied, Thanks again..V66

You can keep the wireless if you wish and choose from the menu not to BROADCAST your signal - only you will know your signal and password for wireless - anyone else will not see it on their pc's/laptops.

It is in fact what I do.And every router I have ever had (about 7) have all had the same BROADCAST feature.

It should be noted that this is not a very good security measure since a wireless hub does still broadcast its presence and it's trivial to detect networks that are 'hidden' in this way. (read more here.)

If you want to secure your wireless network you should use WPA encryption with long unguessable passwords and filter connections by MAC address. Here is a decent article on properly securing your home network:

Ookseer, I understand the question was generic at best, but the security concern ( and links to read ) were a great help. Thank you for the help and the reply..

I'm sorry - I thought that the WPA(2) security was a given - all I suggested was to turn its broadcast feature off, not to turn security off! Turning the broadcast feature does not disable the security and so extending my answer to security was not appropriate in this case; although your comments on security are spot-on! ;-)

Thanks for the reply, got router second hand with no manuals or guides. Haven't even tried to use it yet, just trying to get ideas on how to make it work correctly.