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can i use an old dvd player as a amplifier for my PC speakers? Answered

i have old dvd player,i found many circuits in it . i want to use the amplifier circuit(which i cant figure out!) for my PC and connect it to large speakers!


can i use an old dvd player as a amplifier for my PC speakers?

As Lemonie said: Is the DVD player able to directly drive large speakers as it stands? If not, then no.

If it can, the answer is a definite maybe. You would have to find the amplifier circuit's inputs, disconnect them from the circuit which feeds them now, and feed them from the PC's outputs. (A blocking capacitor might not be a bad idea, since this internal circuit might be at a different base potential relative to ground.) To do that, I'm afraid you're going to have to figure out that circuit. You may be able to do so by tracing the signal flow backward from the speakers, if you can't trace it forward from the processor which decodes the DVD's bits.

You may want to hit the manufacturer's website and see if a schematic is available for this beast; that would make figuring this out significantly easier.

Note that since you're disconnecting the DVD player's own audio, you'll no longer get audio from DVDs... unless your modification involves an input-selector switch.

Probably easier to find someone who is dumping an old stereo amp which has line-level inputs, which is what I did before I had a set of self-amplified speakers. As people have moved toward surround-capable amps for their home theaters, a lot of used stereo amps have started appearing on Freecycle and the like.

DVD players usually don't output highly amplified signals, as people usually plug them into something else rather than connecting speakers to them directly.

Did this DVD machine ever power large speakers?


Assuming your DVD player was able to drive speakers then it has an audio amplifier it in - somewhere - easier to go to the supermarket and buy a pair of PC speakers with amplifier.