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can i use aqua tube , and then wrapped it with copper wire, will this stand a heat from soldering iron. Answered

and not burn aquarium tube.and can copper stand a heat.


If you mean PVC it will melt. But it might not melt to the full thickness. What do you want to make? L

well, i cannot find silicone tube to put it, inside soldering iron, im making DIY hot air soldering iron.

You want the flexibility in this, or could you use copper or steel? You need the tube short, and I wouldn't think even silicone is good for prolonged heating at these temperatures.


well i do need flexibility,soldering iron is small , copper or stell may not fit. if i put aqua tube inside soldering iron that have a holes maybye air from aquarium air pump not reach the end of soldering iron. if i put aqua tube over  the hole i t might burn the tube.ya

Copper won't melt at the 700-950 Degrees (F) that typical soldering irons run at, but clear plastic aquarium air tubes are made of plastic that would melt. It's not clear if that's the type of tubing you mean, though.