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can i use carbon rod and copper in lemon battery? Answered

can i use carbon rod from dry battery and copper wire as electrode in lemon battery .if not wher can i get zinc metal other than dry battery.......


You need a metal to oxidise, Zinc does this quite well with a good potential. I've been collecting wheel-balancing weights (you find 'em by the kerb) a lot of these are zinc (pic) - otherwise see other comments. L


And lead, I'm currently at 7:8 zinc:lead. Going to try some casting at some point. L

Supercapman is spot on...Galvanized nails are the standard for this demonstration battery.

Yes, carbon rods, would work, but you would get less voltage/current because of the increased resistance of the carbon compared to the zinc(and I think the difference of electronegativity) I tried it: With carbon/copper, I got 0.7V, and with copper/zinc, I got 1V. Zinc can be commonly found on so-called "hot galvanized" nails : they are covered in Zinc for better rust resistance. Good Luck!