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can i use hair dryer to strip motherboard component.without destroy motherboard. Answered

i know that hair dryer dont produce to much heat.but if i use heat gun, i might blow my motherboard.is there any idea to produce more heat from hair dryer.save and easy.how to hack hair dryer to produce more heat.


I tried a hot air gun on something and just got an unpleasant smell. But, the hair-dryer isn't going to do it for you (think of the heat of molten-metal) on your head...)


well you can. i have philips compact care 1100watt hair drier . i just block the end from where air comes with hand and allowing only a little space(at back...) soon the coil slightly becomes hot with low air flow enough to desolder... and the result after desoldering. block bacl like this (see image 3). but do it within 3 minutes or it will trip off.


it help m desolder my qualcomm processor i was longing to take it off the board. well ive another hairdrier very old probably 900 watt but still works....

My Bosch ~500 deg C hot air gun says specifically "not to be used for drying hair"....

Yes I have a similar Draper, but it didn't get the switches off for this (much to my disgust...) Maybe I should have cooked the thing more...


HA...the secret's out...I figured you were a bit of a longhair. Nice laser headset.

You can use a hot air gun, but it takes a LOT of practice to not over cook things.

It's actually easier to do "wave desoldering" with a propane torch. The goal is to melt the solder _quickly_ , then remove the component from the heat _quickly_, before the component warms up unreasonably.

Or just go after the board with a low-wattage soldering iron and a solder-sucker.

Are you talking about unsoldering a part or removing glue/tape?  If you get more heat out of a hair dryer you'll melt it.  I don't think you can unsolder using a heat gun either.  You'll have to use a soldering iron.

no,im trying to unsoldering pcb component.


8 years ago

alright thank you for all the answer.

I wrote this a while ago then deleted it..


removing components from a motherboard without damaging the motherboard is best done in an oven