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can i use liquid fuel for jet engine and how to inject it? Answered


You'll need to use an Air Brush type of nozzle. In order to get enough flow and pressure, over the tip, you'll need to use a funneling type of Vortec in front of the nozzle to create dispersion/atomization. ALSO, forget alcohol! It burns too cold and will provide you with many headaches. Diesel, thinned with 20% Kerosene, burns really well and makes a great smoke show when first fired off. Once you get up to speed, you could use an after burner and a second nozzle to really boost your output. Just make sure you are pointed in the right direction if you do! The fuel tank will need, one way venting so the fuel will draw automatically and be placed almost level to the engine. This means a scatter shield between the tank and the engine. Not something I would recommend but that is how it worked for me. Then I changed over to propane, it is already gas and works easier! use a steel pipe to feed the fuel and wrap it around the lead area of the exhaust so it gets heated some. Understand, not the HOTTEST part of the output, the cooler end of the output thruster. Warmed fuel doesn't smoke because it burns more completely! Good luck and goodness sake, be careful!

simly you can use the simlex burner .but the efficiency of the engine is depent on your fuel calorific value

i would use something like like biodiesel                                                       p.s. i'm making an rc jet an actual jet like an f-22 raptor so any tips?

i don't have any experience in this field, but if you were to use propane, you wouldnt need a pump, just add a valve, no pump required. And then come in convient small canisters for when things go wrong, it wont go quite so bad

i don't wanna use propane. i' m making a ethanol (alcohol) and i wanna use that as a jet fuel...so if somebody know how to use or how to compress it in a bottle or a tank to become a gas, i would like to tell me???

You need a pump and a carburetor or fuel injector. I'm not sure that ethanol has enough 'umph' for a jet-the fuel has to be near-explosive so that it burns fast enough to provide thrust. A quick test would be to try to make a jam-jar jet with what your fuel.

Ethanol works for jam jars, jet engines can be run on almost anything, turbine ones but need to be tuned to adjust for energy density etc. Kerosene tends to be the favourite though... In general you tend to use a nozzle to atomize the fuel in the engine... It is all dependant on the type of engine though...