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can i use picture varnish for sealing a printed picture? Answered

Im kinda new to using mod podge dimesion magic, so the first time i used it, it made the picture i printed bleed. I really want to make this anniversary gift perfect but i just dont know if it'll work. The store here doesnt have any acrylic spray so they told me that it was the same with picture varnish or fixative, since they handed me the picture varnish first, it's what i bought, please help >.<



4 years ago

Go to any of the big box retailers, (Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc.) and buy a can of clear acrylic spray paint. The brand is relatively unimportant, just be sure its acrylic and not enamel or polyurethane.
Give the print several very light coats of the acrylic, allowing about 10 minutes or so between each coat.

Use the matte or flat finish and not the glossy.


4 years ago

There are sprays that are solvent based and designed for sealing paper. They are often used for chalk drawings to prevent the chalk from being smudged. Art stores or larger stores like Walmart should have it. Look in the art sections. It works perfectly on ink jet printed pictures. I used to use it on printed business cards to make them waterproof. The last thing you want is someone putting your business card in their shirt pocket and then having the ink run.

If it is a professionally printed picture it should be OK.

If it was printed on an inkjet printer the ink will run.

Modge podge (or as we cheaper people know it White PVA Glue is water based and will make ink jet run.

I have sealed prints with hair lacquer and you can TRY - sealing the picture first with hair lacquer then painting the modge podge or PVA on top. The right hair lacquer isn't very solvent in water BUT test somewhere first and do at your own risk.

there are aerosol varnishes you can use over water colours they should be OK.