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can i use the videos in this site for my personal use comercially? Answered


Short answer: No.

Longer answer: The vast majority of projects here are licensed in a way that means nobody else is allowed to make money from them. You must contact each author individually for permission to use their intellectual property at all, and if you are planning to make money from them you should be ready to share the money with the original authors.

Best answer: No. If you want to make money from videos, create your own content.

No no please understand me please.My question is very simple let me explain it.

Personal use means nothing everybody knows making some thing on viewing the videos are photographs.

My commercial word meaning is "Can I publish these videos"on youtube's or in any other website.That is the t'hing that I asked.

Here I am giving you an example.Here I am giving you an instance,withy a little change in the title,many people are poblishing a same video many more times and they are poblishing(not publishing) with, "Creative Commons Attributions License".

As I observed some users are telling that they got theis product from public domains With "c c" license.That is what I want to know.

Here a user "Jack A Lopez has given a bad answer using filthy and unparliamentary words I thing.That's why his reply is deleted.I think.

Any way if you people anybody tries to understand my basic instinct regarding the question given by me,and gives a best answer I would feel better.

And one more thing in very soon I will publish my inventory things hey not copied any ware.I trust law of karma.One has to pay for his wrong deed's.So dear friends! I 'll be gentle always.


Creative Commons licenses are not the same as public domain.
The default license on Instructables is BY (You have to give credit when using the content, even in a modified format), NC (non-commercial, no one besides the author can make money off of the product without specific written consent of the author), SA (All derivatives of the the project must be published with the same license). Assuming the videos you are talking about are under this license then you can not copy them, edit them, post them as your own content, and make money off them (commercialize). You could copy them, edit them, give the original author credit for their content, post them in a way that you get no financial gain, and under the same license as the original content.

You need to look a the individual copyright license the instructable was published under. Most of which prevent you from using the material for commercial use. Also most of the videos posted in instructables are embedded into the instructable from Youtube. So trying to copy a video from Youtube and trying to monetize that video will run you into problems.

Your best bet is to contact each owner of the videos you would like to use and get permission to use the video elsewhere. Never assume that you have permission. It's best to ask first.


5 years ago

By the way, I have no idea what this means.

"Personal use means nothing everybody knows making some thing on viewing the videos are photographs."

You can publish THE LINK to a video that is on YouTube. That is the same as giving a web page address. Publishing a LINK does not make the claim that it belongs to you. It just tells people where to find it.
Extracting a still picture from a video that is not yours and publishing it as your own work is theft of intellectual property.


5 years ago

Almost all the videos on this site are already published on YouTube. The links to them are embedded in the instructable. So what you are talking about doing is copying a video already on YouTube, changing the name and then publishing it again as your own. That is pretty straight forward theft of intellectual property.

Every one has to pay for their wrong deeds.That is law of karma.I like it & I love it.

Stealing any thing is a crime as the copyrighted materials.But asking is never crime.

Filthy comments also a wrong deed.


I think I posted this comment to the wrong topic. Sorry about that.

You contradict yourself. "Personal use" and "commercially" mean opposite things. Read the license associated with the specific video you want to exploit.