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can i use two different wattage (100 & 350 watts) to speaker A of my amplifier particularly Konzert Amplifier ? Answered

just wanna be sure it would be ok,.


Your question is a little hard to understand... (or maybe it's just this aweful headache I have right now) ;) but if I am understanding it right (the same way redesign understood it), it will probably work... it just will not work well. Best case in senerio: you have horible sound quality. Worst case in senerio: you blow the speakers. (Or at least the one with lower wattage.) Long story short, there is NO subsitute for doing it right. There is a saying about audio that you need to learn: If something can go wrong, it will. If there is no way possible for something to go wrong, it still probably will. :)

thank you so much thegeeke!!! somehow i've learned something from you.
i guess you're right. thanks again. have a nice day!

No problem!

I'm always glad to help people out with audio... I've made mistakes that I hope to help others avoid. Just keep in mind that you learn from your mistakes. If you learn from your mistakes, you will go far in anything you put your mind to... not just sound.

Hey thegeeke i have 2 JLW6's and a jl 500/1 amp. i was wondering if you knew if i could buy another 500 watt amp thats not the same. i had 2 jl 500/1 amps but one of them keep shutting off so im stuck with 1 amp. JL 500/1's could get a little pricy so i wanted to buy one of a different company. THANKS!!

It shouldn't be a huge problem in terms of damage to equipment, but each amp has a different sound to it, so if you are using them in conjunction, it might sound a little weird. What brand are you planning on getting?

I think you are asking if you can use two different wattage speakers at the same time on your amp.


There should be no problem with the amp.  You will have a problem if you run more power than the speaker can handle though.

You may not have the best sound since you are using two different speakers OR you might have better sound since one speaker might cover up what is lacking in the other speaker.