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can my cat get heartworm from my infected dog through drinking the same water??? Answered



Heartworm causes heart and lung disease in both cats and dogs. When mosquitoes inject microscopic larvae through the skin, these parasites get spread in pet’s body. The immune system of cats reacts much more violently than dogs when any heartworm encounters. These worms locate themselves in the pulmonary arteries going from the heart to the lungs. The living heartworm blocks one of these arteries, and cause breathing problem like coughing, wheezing and gasping. When we talk about your concern, the probability of heartworm infection is directly associated to the number of infected dogs in your surroundings. So, give your dog an effective medication “Trifexis” https://www.petcarerx.com/trifexis/22843 and prevent heartworms to occur. For cats, no specific treatment is available to eliminate heartworms from infected cats, your veterinarian might treat on the basis of infection.


Par of the lifecycle of the heart worm is that it has to pass thru a mosquito to develop. No mos. no infection.

But since your dog got it you must live in a location that has heartworm infestations and it is irresponsible to not treat your pets.

we are treating her. the teswt came back negative. she had a seizure and wasnt eating so we thought it was ehartworm


and many other websearch hits from "cat heartworm". Apparently mosquitoes are the vector for this parasite.

So I would assume no. HOWEVER, your cat is certainly also at risk.if it might have been exposed to the same mosquitos. TALK TO YOUR VET about whether preventative medication is recommended.