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can oil lamp wicks, be used in homemade candles, cut down to the right size for a candle??? thanks? Answered

cut down to 1/8 OD by 8 inches long???



Just about any piece of natural-fiber string can be used as a candle wick. Cotton works well. I wouldn't bother with damaging a lamp wick.

Does anyone know where I can find Organic cotton wicks for lamps?

Yes. Any natural fiber, just soak it in melted wax to prime it, and you're set.


7 years ago

There is a special wick material that you can get. It has a metal core or wire in it that helps to keep the wick from flopping over. But any cord or string will work. I would go with cotton or some kind of jute. Nylon will melt as will many other synthetics.

An interesting idea, I should try it, a thin copper wire wrapped around the cord would cause the flame to burn green/blue. I love what copper can do to a fires flame. I wonder how long it would last in a candle and how pronounced the effects would be. Something new to try!

Given how well copper conducts heat, that might have unexpected side effects. Or might not, depending on how quickly that heat is lost to the wax.

Yes, you could use lamp wicks for candle wicks, but you might be better off using just plain cotton twine. Cotton kitchen twine like you would use to truss a chicken or tie up a rolled roast would work just fine.