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can one use lpg gas on a natural gas bbq with out converting it? Answered




Best Answer 7 years ago

As others sate, LPG is higher pressure, higher energy, and needs a different fuel/air mix than Natural Gas. The regulator keeps it at the right pressure so you should be 'safe' at that point, but where it gets complicated is the fuel/air mix that is achieved using a venturi. That is a finely tuned system designed for a given input pressure and density to mix the right amount of fuel with the right amount of air -- and the whole thing is regulated to the hole size in the burner -- Those holes act as a fire-dam keeping the flames outside of the burner. Wrong hole = burnt up and/or blow'd up burner.

Long story short: Get the conversion. its cheaper, safer, and gooder.

I always like things that end up being gooder.

I absolutely KNEW someone would point it out. After I carefully decided to use "blow'd" I figured "gooder" wasn't far away.

.  I thought it worked very wellgood. You started out formal and "degraded" to informal.

You could try it and see (make sure the LPG is regulated), but it won't burn right without conversion.


I don't know if it would work but it would be dangerous. Natural gas runs at a lower pressure than lpg, so the holes in the burners are larger. The pressure regulators would also have to be different. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.
High pressure lpg roaring out of the too large burner holes.