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can people download insturctables? Answered

is because every time i click at download it takes me to this link thats say "wanna go premium or already a member" and im already singed in and it seams you just want me to spend money



I think iceng and canucksgirl have covered the reason but I just wanted to point out that you can also get a pro membership for free by posting an Instructable that gets featured (3 months), moved to the front page (1 year), or wins a contest (1 year). I suspect that a decent % of active pro members have never paid for their pro status, besides the blood, sweat, tears, and cash that goes into their projects.


I paid for pro membership once, when they first came out. Since then, I've earned enough pro memberships to last me until old age robs me of the ability to type.

Quite right,  but while motivating,  you deny that surprise of discovery.
And let me add  these pro memberships can be passed to others by
a recipient as some very generous member once gave me....


Yeah, but I know I'm pretty much as excited now when I get those emails as I was the first time even though I won't need more memberships for a few years.
I guess I just got the felling that Zeabase was pretty turned off by the prospect off having to pay and I wanted him to realize his options before he gave up on Instructables altogether.

You don't need to spend money to get a premium membership. But you will have to do some work for it. All you have to do is contribute to the site. If any of your contributions are considered to be good quality it could get featured and win you a premium membership. That's how many of us have gotten our PM.

The site does make most of its money from adds but some of it does come from paid membership. Since good instructables drive more traffic to the site thus earning them more add revenue they reward there contributors accordingly. SO become a contributor.


6 years ago

Pro membership lets you download Instructables.
When you press download it reminds you of that factoid :-)


You put up that nice chart. . . . .

You mean this one?

On all the features available to Pro Members?


Phew... wouldn't want to confuse it with another nice chart. ;-)