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can pickup works without magnet? Answered

why we use a magnet to build guitar pickup....?can use other thing to replace the magnet?



The magnet creates a magnetic field...as it should.

The wire moving in the magnetic field creates a vibrating magnetic field from the vibration of the metal 'string'.
The coils in the pickup sense the vibrating magnetic field, not the string itself. No magnet = no field = no current in the pickup.

As killerjackalope says - there are non-magnetic ones, and they are essentially microphones - like in an electric acoustic with nylon strings.

I think you can get pickups that are piezoelectric rather than magnet based, however don't hold me to that I'm not an expert on the matter of guitar building. The magnet just generates a current through a coil I'm guessing, from what pickup does, never found myself dismantling one.