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can someone build me a front grip(handle?) for my left hand Answered

I couldn't come up with something really comfortable. I want a good connection to this blasta. Help me please :>


I feel like this knex gun is almost perfect. Everything feels right. Maybe a more comfortable stock? But a front grip for sure. Please let me know of any modifications you tried or adopted.



2 years ago

Please give this gun any criticism, I want it to try to be broken as much as possible.

It's too unposted. Don't even bother posting it until you fix its unpostedness.

Fer srs? Well, if you don't mind all the pieces it would consume, I was humoring the idea of throwing the design of my Barackuda rotary magazine on the front of a TR as a grip because I personally find it comfortable. Could give that a shot if you want. Otherwise not much room so you probably want a vertical grip.

Yeah a vertical grip makes sense to me. I've tried a few things but nothing satisfactory.

Yeah, 'tis a shame K'nex have such rough shapes. Just stick a bunch of wheels on a rod and call it good.

try building it up from hot glue.

Hot glue is blasphemous in the mythical shire of Knexidom