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can someone explain me why some crystals have different shape ? Answered

I'm a french student (15 years old )and for my final exam of this year I have to make a presentation about the crystalisation. So I'm asking for help to know why some crytals have diferents shapes ?



A most excellent wiki


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If you know about the elements and the electron orbit shells. Then the number of electrons in the outer most shell have preferred relationships in fitting together.

This process is much more complicated when crystals are made of molecules in an array and the conditions of temp, electric-field, magnetic-flux, gravity, time etc etc during xtal formation... It is an extremely fascinating field of study and greatly useful in doping ( protuberances of tiny percentages of other atoms ) into elemental substances for the electronic crystal behavior of Semi-Conductors like Germanium and Silicon in the periodic chart...

Crystals have different shapes because of the elements in their molecule and how the molecules stack to make a crystal. Google salt molecule, diamond molecule, or quartz molecule, and see the difference in the molecule shape and how the molecules fit together to make a crystal.

can you let us know whether diamonds actually grow in the shape seen in jewelry? I don't think they do. Can u share your report once it's done?


The companies shape them to make them look bigger and better, and then sell the dust to other companies that use them for cutting discs, drill-bits, and things like that.

Something like that...

They don't ;)
A raw diamond looks quite ugly compared to the finnished product.

suggested Google terms: atomic crystal structure shape. Maybe add : sugar, salt, quartz, fools gold.

You are asking in the wrong spot, you should talk to my good old friend Google.

Ummm... Hi Julien, I'd like to do your presentation about crystallization, because I think...

Google your question. Is it that hard?

There should be a checkmark that you have to click before publishing a question: "Did you check to see Google doesn't have your answer?". It might work a bit against the site, but that would be great...