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can someone explain to me exactly what a motor controller does in an electric powered bike? Answered

ok so i wanna build my first electric powered bike but i would like to do it all from salvaged parts or parts i will make. i am not looking to go 100mph or ride it for days at a time I would just like to built this first one to help me understand how it works. As of right now my biggest hang-ups are what does the controller do and can i make one, and how do i figure out how much power it will need in other words if it weighes 10 pounds and i wanna go 10mph i need a 12v motor (hope that makes sense)
Thanks for any help


The motor controller adjusts the supply to the motor, so you don't leave rubber everytime you press the start button ! Good ones will even push the energy that is in your forward motion BACK into the battery as you brake.

Power levels ? Hard to calculate - depends on YOUR weight AND the bikes, and how fast YOU want to be accelerated, then on the drag of the whole thing. 


hey sorry i never got back i didnt get an email letting me know i had replys..
so i guess my next question is is there a formula of some kind to figure this out like 210lbs (my weight) 50lbs (bike weight) 20mph (top speed) = 36 volt motor???
i mean is this gonna be a trial and error kinda thing or is there a way to actually know before hand??

it makes the bike go