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can someone give me any tips on how to organize my knex? Answered

 i am trying to organize my knex, but I looked on the site, and there was 51 different kinds of pieces that i needed buckets for! help please.



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ok how about you get about 5 boxes and put the lets say wheels in the 1st box then the rods in the 2nd box and so on

just a warning doing this takes a long time it depends on how much knex you have:)

go buy some takle box trays and organize them that way

Don't worry, it's all in good fun Visper. Some people just don't like knex. I'm one of them.

Hate on them? I don't even know what that means. But, no, I don't like k'nex. No, I won't hold it against you.

I mean if you find knex ibles where they aren't supposed to be, do you rate them half a star?

I don't even click on knex stuff half of the time. I hesitated even clicking on the question.

I don't rate instructables that I don't like. That also goes for topics, etc. Except for spam, I always rate them half star. So no, I don't rate them, and what did you mean by where they aren't supposed to be?

Better yet, melt it down and form it into buckets. Knexers obviously need lots of buckets so there appears to be quite a market for them.

 Ive tried to melt knex. It really does not work and it smells.

I have all my pieces separate in a very small room and it doesn't take much room. I went to walmart and got plastic shoe boxes that are a brand "Sterilite" and they also have small little shelves for things like spacers and green rods. This has worked fantastic for me! I use to use open boxes put it didn't work since it collected dust and made dust balls and I have really bad allergies so I went to walmart and searched the container Hall. It is about $7 for the shelves $.99 for each shoe box but then you get one big plastic box and organize things like small groups of K'nex like white rods, and small connectors and other miscellaneous things and put them in bags then in the big plastic container.


I sort them in two boxes:
1: connectors and special parts
2:Rods and motors

Here's how I organize mine: The bottom drawer is rods, then connectors, the other ( panels, motors, gears, etc.) then wheels.

organize them by type for the connectors and rods, then i have a small compartment box to sort the "special" pieces

Put all of the pieces that you have lots of into separate bags and then put the pieces that you only have a few of all together in an 'assorted' bag.

I have a lot of buckets, big and small.
That works great

 I just put all the green rods-tan clips-blue clips-y cons(black hands) in the same box. just put the red rods with the grey rods and yellow rods= take shortcuts just like that.

51 buckets.

Or 51 large tupperwares.

Just put them in a pile, the buckets are useful.