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can someone help me make a external ds lite battery charger? Answered

i would like to know how to make a external batter charger kind of like this one, so i can use it for a project im working on, i have a ds that wont charge, it works fine, but the charging elecs dont work. i have bridged the fuses and everything. but does anyone know how i can make one like that? what voltages do i use? do dsl batteries have circuits that cut off power when its done charging?

any help is appreciated, thanks. z247



Best Answer 8 years ago

I'm pretty sure the charging brains are in the dsl, and the charger just supplies the power needed to charge. Whether the protection circuit is in the dsl or the battery itself I don't know. Frankly, you won't find/build a charger for cheaper than you can buy. I know its cool to have something you built yourself, but when working with lithiums and 'relatively' expensive toys I'd stick to a retail product.

i emailed nintendo, and they say that the chrging brains are in the battery. im going to find a guinea pig battery before i try with my only one.

i would still like to try, though. i dont want to wait for shipping, i had to wait 6 weeks for my nintendo screwdrivers!