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can someone look at this (simple) electricicity generation proposal and give me some tips. (with pictures)? Answered

I want to use the wallpaper stripper for the prototype and if it works replace it with a combined heat, cooking, hot water system. Will adding the hydro have an advantage. the main reasoning behind this is using steam but not in a closed system as I dont have the engineering skills to mess about with high pressure steam. Any input is really appriciated. i have wasted enough time making things that will never be effective before finding instructables.


if you have both natural thermal sources at hand I see it being plausable for the steam side to work but the liquid side will require condensate . Aside from that I think you are well on your way!

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In order for steam to turn back to water, you need to cool it. Just having it open in the air will let the steam shoot through, and won't turn the second turbine or get back to the bottom box. If you seal that top box without cooling it, the back pressure will equalize the front pressure, so nothing will turn the turbine, you'll just have a turbine in a sauna. Most thermal electric plants use cooling towers, ponds, or rivers to recondense the water and remove that heat, which are all at ground level. The most efficient way to do this is to just make or get a Stirling engine-it uses heat on one side and cool on the other to turn an axle with high efficiency. There's some great instructables on how to make small stirling engines, the same principles apply for the bigger ones.

. There it is! . It looks to me like any energy generated by the turbine on the right side would be canceled out by the energy required to lift the water to the bucket. But I'm no expert; someone that can tell you for sure should be along soon. . What scale are we talking about? Is this a science project? Trying to power a small community?

The plan was to build a waste burner so the steam generated would drive the first turbine. since the steam would rise in the process I realised I had to bring it back down anyway to convert it back to steam. the second turbine was an afterthought as the water would be coming back down anyway.

This was in Answers? I was going to suggest using a small turbocharger, but you'd still need to be producing a lot of steam.


Should this not have been put here? Could the second turbine power a turbo charger?

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Sorry I meant to write "this was in Answers previously?" as in haven't I seen this idea before and discussed it with you?
Turbo's are designed to be gas-driven, hence the suggestion for the steam. I think you'd be better with something else for the water wheel.


I asked a couple of days ago but got no reply so re worded and added a picture so no but I will have a search if its been discussed before thank you

If you are using an external heat source, then this should work. However, you should not use an open jet of steam pointing at a windmill. The jet needs to be enclosed to maintain efficiency. For the prototype, I would be tempted to pipe the steam through a series of ex computer fans - each would produce less power than the one before, due to condensation and pressure-losses. You will need to be aware of where condensation builds up (if it pools in the electrics it could cause shorts), and provide a way for it to be tapped off. I wouldn't bother with the return turbine, unless you're going to collect the condensate in a large tank and "flush" ir through the turbine when full. Good luck, and don't forget to post an Instructable.

Thanks Kite man I appriciate your opinion. The idea was to use a compressor air hose they have the same size connectors as my paper stripper. I tried it out and it gives a good powerful jet of steam which I'm sure is enough to power a small turbine with magnets attatched, I wondered if a flywheel would be appropriate? I really know very little about science so its all hypothetical but I'm going to give it a go. The return was really all about utilising the fact that the water has to come back down anyway. I imagined a large container with a very small outlet which I could time so it was a constand flow, I dont understand the science enough to understand how big the resovoir would have to be and how high ect so will l leave it open to interpretation. Do you have any guess as to weather this type of idea could compete with a homebrew wind turbine? This came about as wind is not really an option for me.

I don't doubt the jet will spin a turbine, it's just that you will not be able to catch the water to recycle it unless you use a closed system (it doesn't have to be pressurised, just direct the end of the pipe into a cooling tank). Turbines work best if they spin fast - a trickle won't do much, but you can get automatic flushers (the sort of things they use in public urinals) - when the tank is full, the flush triggers, and can dump the water through a turbine quickly. As for competing with wind, I simply don't know. If wind is not an option, then this clearly has an advantage, but you need to think about your energy supply (Where is the waste coming from? How much have you got available?) and the waste disposal (Fumes? Ashes?).

. BTW, this is a good place to come for questions about DIY energy generation. Several members (Kiteman comes to mind) have a broad knowledge of thermodynamics and ppl like kelseymh can explain the details. Many have enough experience/knowledge of alternative energy that they can spot the bogus stuff from a mile off.

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