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can someone make me a cool prop for an acton film? Answered

im making a film about a boy who loves danger and i cant find a really good cheap prop to use



I am (off-and-on) a professional prop and special effect designer, and while I'm not able to make you a prop, I'd be happy to help you find/make/modify something that works for you. What did you have in mind?

im not aloud to make any guns i get told off lol (i think it is stupid)
maybe a sword or something really cheap im on abudjet of hmmm maybe 5 £

Fire is ALWAYS a good danger prop, ALWAYS.


8 years ago

Maybe even a serious pet, like a tiger or a lion!


 fireworks, swords cool angles for the movie, fights need more detail i make movies to but i need more of a story line or a description of the movie I also suggest you loin my group movie brainstorm

Cars are dangerous.  Why don't you use a car as a prop?  Borrow or steal one if you have to.