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can someone please help me with a powerbook 190? Answered

okay, so recently, i got a macintosh powerbook 190. this pb190 had no charger and a dead battery. i opened the battery, (that was 14 years old) and discovered one thing; the cells inside it were dead, the acid from inside was leaking out. there is in fact no circuitry in the battery shell, but anyways, i need help. i have the powerbook "charging" (since its not doing anything) from a 12v pc power supply. i can get the green light to turn on, (to indicate that its charging) but i cant get the pb to start up. if i press the power key, the speaker makes a couple of clicky noises and thats it. the screen doesnt even start up. the macintosh requires 24v, but i dont have a 24v 2a charger. so i figured that a 12v, 15a pc power supply should at least charge it. it didn't. because the battery was toast. so i need help, and i know that there must be someone here who can help. im thinking i'll have to get some new battery cells from battery boys, and a charger, but what else? i dont think its dead though, considering its trying to boot. will replacing the battery work? please help!



Best Answer 8 years ago

Okay, well, first of all - if the powerbook is expecting 24V, you need to give it 24V! I'm not at all surprised that it didn't start up with only 12V.

So yes.  Repair the battery with new cells (nicads, I assume?) and get the proper charger for it.


Answer 8 years ago

okay, ill see if i can find a universal 24v adapter. and the batteries are actually nickel metal-hydrides, since apparently the original nicad batteries were extremely prone to bursting into flames, since they got so hot while charging. and surprisingly, the hdd is still okay, after 15 years, it will still spin up. (checked it with a friends hdd to usb adapter)