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can someone please help me with high voltage? Answered

does anybody know a cheap, easy way to make high voltage?


Holy Mother of Monkey! That video is awesome!

How much high voltage are you shooting for?

A tv flyback transformer with some accompanying circuitry makes nice high voltage.

You can get  a Model A (old ford car) coil.

A neon transformer makes a great plug in high voltage.

There's the Van-degraff machine.

Or the Tesla coil.

Take your pick.

What do you think the best one is for igniting a potato cannon?

The ignitor off a fireplace butane lighter is perfect for that.  They run about 2 bucks in the dollar store.  Just make sure it is a piezo lighter not the flint kind.

.  Scuff your shoes across the carpet in a room with low humidity. Some combinations of shoes/carpet work much better than others. This should be free (in most cases) and nearly always easy.