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can someone please tell me how to install the arduino software? Answered

 i got an arduino for christmas. I downloaded the file off the interned. Now i dont know how to install it or connect my arduino using it. or tell me if someones instructable has how to set it up.


Click on this link.

Then click on the operating system you're using.  (Windows, mac, etc.)

Follow the step by step instructions on that page to the letter.

Report back with any problems.

 what file installs the usb driver?


8 years ago

First, find out where you downloaded it to, then right click on the folder. It should say something like "arduino-0017". It the right-click menu, it will say (assuming you're using windows) "Extract All..." click on that and then follow the instructions that come up to extract it. Make sure you remember where you extracted it too.