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can someone work this fix out? Answered

im trying to get this to work on my phone
 but it sys i need to do this

Note: If your phone does not support
JSR 135: Mobile Media MAPI
After download the J2MEQRCode.jad, you only need to delete the line
MIDlet-Push-1: mms://:www.drhu.org.QRCode, J2MEQRCodeMidlet, *
before install in your mobile phone.

but i dont know how



if the file is on your computer, assuming you have windows, open notepad.
go to the file menu and click open.
find the file you have for your phone.
after you open it, press ctrl+f
in the box that pops up, copy and paste the line of code the phone wants you to remove, all of it.
it should bring up a match and just delete the line that it has highlighted.
save it on your desktop for putting on your phone

good luck,

PS- dont delete the original file, you might need it later

What make/model phone do you have?

I guess not.