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can the original intel Pentium be underclocked? and if so by how far? Answered

i've been reading up on old laptops like the ibm poqet pc that could be run off 2AA batteries for months and i noticed i had an old hp sub-notebook siting around it could run dos easily but the old batteries give me an hour at best so basically I'm wondering if the processor can be underclocked to save juice thank in advance


The original Intel Pentium... you mean P1 right? Well it could be underclocked, but it is an old CPU, and it can drain the battery quite quickly no matter what clock rate you set. The underclocking itself is done via jumper pins on the motherboard...


9 years ago

I don't think that the original intel had a speed OR power save options for changing the clock speed, my best bet would be to see if there are any DOS programs out there that would allow you to virtually change the clock speed in real time. While I doubt their existance, I don't doubt the probability of someone doing it. (PS: Run a linux command line, it would have similar drain on the system as dos ;D )

why would you want to run your laptop at 1mhz for a month? try going to the bios, select the power save option